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• 8/26/2014

VISITORS PATCHES: Post your patches for friends to harvest

My Visitors Patches are available for harvesting 24/7, located to right of Nemo's Anemone.

Reef name: LindasReef8994

5 Cats Paw Coral Patches (1800 Algae)

5 Pink Sponge Bed Patches (2000 Sand Dollars)

Visit my artistic and productive reef! Visitors welcome and appreciated.



Level 40

(Organized co-ops only, please)

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• 8/27/2014

I'm not sure how I overlooked this, but it's a great idea. Thanks for starting this thread! :)

• 8/27/2014

Thanks, glad to help! Wonderful site!

• 9/1/2014

Hello everyone, Red here, everyone is welcome to visit my reef! :)

Reef Name: Christian7182


- 5 Orange Richordia Patches

- 5 Barrel Sponge Patches

No co-operative quests please! Thank you. ;)

Best Fishes,


Level 43

• 1/18/2015

Terriesreef42 level 37

5 catspaw patches, several other patches including pink sponge patches

Zoesreef4245 level 31- 5 catspaw patches

Thank you in advance for algae sharing/picking.

• 2/1/2015

1125lester level 41 9 catspaw patches, 5 barrel sponge patches above Nemo's Anemone. Happy Tappin'!

• 2/19/2015

Reef: Helefem_rif

1 Barrel Sponge patch

2 Catspaw patches

hint : daily visit, harvest 1 patch, return to your own reef, a return to harvest the same patch again.

Level : 40

Please add me to co-ops!

• 2/25/2015

Algae on the Left: 11 Cat's Paw Patches, 5 Bamboo Patches, 5 Tentacle Patches, 11 Egg Shell Patches and various others. Sand Dollars on the right: 8 Barrel Sponge Patches and assorted other patches.

Happy Harvesting! 

Love participating in Quests! Just starting level 39

• 4/25/2015

MommysParadise1220 is my reef. Lots of psychedelic patches to the left, a few tentacles below anemone and tons of cups to the right of it.  Pretty much at least one patch each for all the good producers. I make every effort to add to friends anyone who visits us. Just started level 48 and always looking to make new connections. Stop on by!

Edit: Forgot 2 red Xmas tree patches recently added. :)

• 9/17/2015

Hi, please visit my lovely reef  Jemo1951     level 42

Best patches so easy to find- look for the big golden chevron above Nemo's anemone, it contains-

4 x Catspaw Coral patch

3 x Orange Ricordia Coral patch

1 x Barrel Sponge patch

Pink Sponge Bed patches and lots more!

Happy Tapping!

• 5/10/2016


22 x Red Christmas Tree Patches (1000 coral) on the top left 32 x Cats Paw Coral Patches (720 coral) top middle

13 x Red Table Plant Patches (1200 SD) on the top right 24 x Pink Sponge Bed Patches (800 SD) top middle

I'm working on converting Cats to Red Christmas Trees and Pink Sponges to Red Table so patch numbers should increase with time. :-) My reef is ReefSAM2014

Happy harvesting!

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