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Red Hawkfish's Number One Fan!
• 11/1/2014

Weekend Challenge - Red Hawkfish - October 10-12

Fish rare hawkfish red

Hello fellow Nemo's Reefers! This week,it's pretty surprising, you'll be able to obtain the Red Hawkfish, including us IOS users! After you open 12 chests, you'll get 1000 sanddollers, 1500 XP, and the Red Hawkfish as your final reward! Have an awsome weekend! ;)

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Red Hawkfish's Number One Fan!
• 10/10/2014

Hey, if I remember correctly, you can finally get this fish on your platform now. Cool! ;)

• 10/11/2014
Yup, your right! I was really exited when I finally got the Red Hawkfish!
Congratulations Red Hawk
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