Mysterious chests containing treasure occasionally appear in the reef.

Chests changed totally with the update in late April 2014. Contents of chests are the same as before, with the addition of rare spines. New chests are all locked and have 3 options to open them:

  • Pick Lock - free, low probability of success - roughly 10%
  • Common Spines - from 1 to 5 at a time, depending on level. Will usually increase the open percent of a chest, but may also result in a failed attempt. Once the open amount reaches 50%, the number of rare spines needed to open the chest will be halved. Rounding results in one more rare spine required (e.g., a chest with a starting rare spine amount of 11 will change to 6 at 50%)
  • Rare Spines - always a success. Can require anywhere from 0 to 12 to open.