Image Name Level Cost UI Resource SD / UI Resource Pearl Total UI Resource Algae Grow UI Time (x3) Sell UI Resource SD Vitality UI Heart/Tile
ORN Red Branches
Red Branches110UI Resource SD301251010
ORN Snowy Moss
Snowy Moss1N/AN/A300900150500125
ORN Pink Mangrove Propagule
Pink Mangrove Propagule1N/AN/A22515001259090
ORN Big Yellow Seaweed
Big Yellow Seaweed11UI Resource SD3601500125
ORN White Branches
White Branches1N/AN/A150120125200200
ORN White Seaweed
White Seaweed1N/AN/A24030200800800
ORN Red Java Moss
Red Java Moss25UI Resource Pearl45301008080
ORN Turquoise Stems
Turquoise Stems216UI Resource SD301881515
ORN Orange Straight Seaweed
Orange Straight Seaweed320UI Resource SD3630102020
ORN Violet Moss
Violet Moss36UI Resource Pearl45601209022.5
ORN Green Straight Seaweed
Green Straight Seaweed320UI Resource SD3630102020
ORN Violet Branches
Violet Branches450UI Resource SD45300255050
ORN Violet Stems
Violet Stems47UI Resource Pearl60300140100100
ORN Lilac Cirripathes
Lilac Cirripathes560UI Resource SD90120304545
ORN Blue Seabed
Blue Seabed570UI Resource SD75420356015
ORN Giant Dark Yellow Seaweed
Giant Dark Yellow Seaweed650UI Resource SD75180257070
ORN Purple Marine Shrub
Purple Marine Shrub660UI Resource SD105120305012.5
ORN Violet Seaweed
Violet Seaweed78UI Resource Pearl90150160150150
ORN Yellow Marine Shrub
Yellow Marine Shrub780UI Resource SD105180406015
ORN Light Green Heap of Seamoss
Light Green Heap of Seamoss890UI Resource SD150480456516.25
ORN Red Cirripathes
Red Cirripathes896UI Resource SD135600487575
ORN Green Eucheuma Denticulatum
Green Eucheuma Denticulatum810UI Resource Pearl12024020025062.5
ORN Green Seaweed Cluster
Green Seaweed Cluster9100UI Resource SD105900508080
ORN Yellow Pillow
Yellow Pillow9100UI Resource SD225300505012.5
ORN Pink Cactus
Pink Cactus1013UI Resource Pearl12090260400400
ORN Brown Cactus
Brown Cactus10140UI Resource SD90600708080
ORN Orange Peel Seaweed Cluster
Orange Peel Seaweed Cluster10120UI Resource SD13590060100100
ORN Orange Bell Sea Pen
Orange Bell Sea Pen1115UI Resource Pearl150120300450450
ORN Yellow Bell Sea Pen
Yellow Bell Sea Pen11150UI Resource SD240150075120120
ORN Brown Seaweed Cluster
Brown Seaweed Cluster12200UI Resource SD2703001007070
ORN Blue-shaded Moss
Blue-shaded Moss12250UI Resource SD1806001256015
ORN Violet Sea Blossom
Violet Sea Blossom13220UI Resource SD4801200110250250
ORN Saffron Java Moss
Saffron Java Moss13200UI Resource SD3601200100140140
ORN Silver Branches
Silver Branches14250UI Resource SD420600125350350
ORN Orange Marine Bonsai
Orange Marine Bonsai1417UI Resource Pearl45030360800800
ORN Bright Green Marine Bonsai
Bright Green Marine Bonsai14220UI Resource SD420900110300300
ORN Mauve Bell Sea Pen
Mauve Bell Sea Pen15250UI Resource SD3001200125400400
ORN Rose Seabed
Rose Seabed15250UI Resource SD66024012520050
ORN Pink Sea Blossom
Pink Sea Blossom16300UI Resource SD4801800150450450
ORN Light Green Marine Shrub
Light Green Marine Shrub16300UI Resource SD4801800150450112.5
ORN Sky Blue Pillow
Sky Blue Pillow17350UI Resource SD720900175450112.5
ORN Big Orange Seaweed
Big Orange Seaweed1719UI Resource Pearl600304001500375
ORN Red Sea Flower
Red Sea Flower1820UI Resource Pearl1200604002000500
ORN White Sea Flower
White Sea Flower18400UI Resource SD2400600200500125
ORN Green Cactus
Green Cactus19500UI Resource SD3000300250550550
ORN Blue Cirripathes
Blue Cirripathes20700UI Resource SD18001500350500500
ORN Green Java Moss
Green Java Moss211200UI Resource SD9005400600650650
ORN Orange Heap of Seamoss
Orange Heap of Seamoss225000UI Resource SD180090025001200300
ORN Green Marine Bonsai
Green Marine Bonsai222000UI Resource SD30072001000700700
ORN Red Sea Blossom
Red Sea Blossom232500UI Resource SD90018001250850850
ORN Giant Green Seaweed
Giant Green Seaweed243000UI Resource SD60024001500900900
ORN Green Sea Flower
Green Sea Flower255000UI Resource SD360060025001000250
ORN Pink Marine Shrub
Pink Marine Shrub254500UI Resource SD42007202250950237.5
ORN Green Mangrove Propagule
Green Mangrove Propagule265500UI Resource SD4800600275012501250
ORN Red Seaweed
Red Seaweed276000UI Resource SD30001200300014001400
ORN Big Sea-Green Seaweed
Big Sea-Green Seaweed296500UI Resource SD540030032501650412.5
ORN Brown Mangrove Propagule
Brown Mangrove Propagule307000UI Resource SD4800600350018001800
ORN Ruby Sea Flower
Ruby Sea Flower317500UI Resource SD540036037501850462.5
ORN Purple Heap of Seamoss
Purple Heap of Seamoss328000UI Resource SD420090040002000500
ORN Red Eucheuma Denticulatum
Red Eucheuma Denticulatum348500UI Resource SD900030042502300575
ORN Indigo Sea Flower
Indigo Sea Flower359000UI Resource SD480030045002300575
ORN Big Yellow-Green Seaweed
Big Yellow-Green Seaweed368000UI Resource SD720042040002300575
ORN Blue Eucheuma Denticulatum
Blue Eucheuma Denticulatum378500UI Resource SD1920036042502500625
ORN Yellow Mangrove Propagule
Yellow Mangrove Propagule3810000UI Resource SD15000600500025002500
ORN Blue Sea Flower
Blue Sea Flower3912000UI Resource SD900060060002500625
ORN Orange Stems
Orange Stems4313000UI Resource SD96001800650030003000
ORN Sea Palm
Sea Palm4525UI Resource Pearl2250120100075007500
ORN Violet Pillow
Violet Pillow4813500UI Resource SD10500270067503500875
ORN Pink Straight Seaweed
Pink Straight Seaweed5015000UI Resource SD150003600750050005000
ORN Green-shaded Moss
Green-shaded Moss5120000UI Resource SD1650036001000055001375
ORN Orange Eucheuma Denticulatum
Orange Eucheuma Denticulatum5524000UI Resource SD2250018001200060001500
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